Robot Inspections

New to Home and Property Review is the Inspection Robot 


The inspection robot allows Home and Property Review to broaden its inspection capabilities and serve your inspections needs even better. 


Have a house with a hard to reach area like a crawl space, low level deck, or other tight confining space? 


The inspection robot allows us to reach those tough to access spots and get clear video and images of these hard to reach places. The inspection robot allows Home and Property Review to map an entire crawl space, zoom in on potentially problematic areas that could be of concern. Its incredibly important to check those hard to reach places for possible foundation, plumbing, electrical or other structural issues. You could save potentially thousands by using Home and Property Review for your inspection needs and utilizing our inspection robot service. We can find those problematic areas that could be big repair costs down the road if not found before you buy a property. 


You want to know if your family home or investment property is structurally sound and void of any major issues, that can not only be very costly but also could be hiding in those hard to access areas. 


Put your mind at ease by putting our Inspection Robot services to the test before you buy your next property. 

Inspection robot

Here is a sped up version of much longer  crawl space inspection we did for a homeowner. This shows the quality of video our inspection robot provides. 

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